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10 Best Work From Home Jobs You Can do to Beat “Corona Boredom” Syndrome

Are you aware that you can work from home and earn during this pandemic?

At the moment, the world is literary on lockdown because of coronavirus, which has threatened to wipe out humanity.

Sitting here in my house, scrolling through my social media account, I came through a post by one of our fellow writers encouraging us to help our brothers and sisters who are battling the Corona boredom syndrome.

In the spirit of humanity, I decided to do this blog first as a special dedication to our brothers and sisters who are idling in the house with nothing to do.

And secondly to you who have always flooded my inbox asking questions about online work.

They will not only keep you busy they will also enable you to save on the ever-increasing cost of living, especially during this pandemic.

In this blog, we shall look at the most lucrative online jobs you can start doing at home to earn an extra coin.

Why Working From Home is the only option

Work from home job is not the best option,  it’s the only option you have left since you don’t know how long you are going to be locked up!

And, if you have read or heard the terms and conditions for your safety as pertains to this disease. Then you know that it’s not wise to be outside your house.

For example, in my country Kenya you can only go out if it’s necessary and there’s a curfew starting from 7 pm to 5 am.

That leaves you with 13 of doing nothing. In other countries, it’s a total lockdown, meaning you may be having more than 13 hours to spare.

So how do you turn these 13 + hours into cash?

Read on.

Coronavirus Boredom Syndrome

What Do I Need to Start Working From Home

Yes, I’m ready to work from home, but how much or what do I need to start?

You may need some cash depending on the kind of work you want to do. But the basic requirements are:

  • A computer, a desktop or laptop is all right
  • You will also need high-speed internet. But if all you have is a modem, don’t worry, you can start from there. Or even use your phone as an internet provider.
  • A pair of headphones in the case of transcription or customer care
  • A Working space that has a functional desk/table and chair. Remember, you will be sitting for long hours; you don’t want to leave your desk because of backache or a stiff neck. But if you don’t have a nice seat, don’t fret start with what you have.

On a lighter note, you can also ensure you are well-groomed just like you do every regular morning before going to work, hahaha….( whispers ) most freelancers work in pajamas.

Now you have all the above; let’s dive into the kind of jobs you can do.

10 best work from Home side hustle Jobs you can do to Beat “Corona boredom” Syndrome

Work From Home Office
Work From Home Office

1. Customer Service

Don’t give me that face! Yes, you can work as a customer service agent. Remember right now no stores are open and they have been allowed to only take orders via phone and do home deliveries.

This means companies that did not require customer service providers will need to hire some.

You don’t want to make a call to some store and get the “Yes!” reply. I get so irritated when someone picks my call with that “Yes” thing.

So if you know you can communicate well, politely like the lady who speaks to you via your mobile phone, this job is for you.

You will need an up to date computer, a quiet workspace in your house, noise-canceling headphones, and your perfect interpersonal skills.

2. Data Entry

Here is another work from home job where you need to know how windows on your computer work. The most used in this case are Excel and Word windows.

This job involves the transfer of data from one document to the other. It Could be from word to excel or the other way round.

If you know how to do graphs, tables, and pie charts, then you have an added advantage.

You require a computer and high-speed internet. All you need is to be very fast and accurate. Also, the ability to learn fast is a plus.

3. Be a Teacher or Tutor

By the way, holidays started early this term. And so our kids have been glued to the cartoon screens with nothing to do. Most parents like me don’t understand the CBC curriculum, and even if I did, I don’t have the time to sit down with my seven-year-old daughter to teach her.

So ill need the services of a teacher, but then again she can’t go out. Quarantine remember? So I’ll look for an online teacher.

That’s where you come in from the comfort of your home. If you are a teacher or are gifted in a given subject, it’s time to turn that into a money-making machine. Create courses online on platforms like Udemy and start selling them for parents to buy for their kids.

You can decide to have a course for different levels of education from the playgroup all the way to college.

4. Transcription

Transcription is where you listen to an audio or video recording and type it in word. For you to do this job correctly, you must have a good typing speed around 40 words per minute and high listening ability.

Also, you will need a computer, high-speed internet, and noise-canceling headphones. Sometimes you will be required to have a foot pedal.

Some transcription companies will need a certification, but most of them only require that you pass their test, and you are good to go.

Also, there are soft wares that you can use to make your transcription process easy, for example, Express scribe, Otter Ai, and Descript.

Some of the most accessible companies that hire transcribers all the time are:

There are many other companies that you can get transcription jobs from. Let me know in the comment section if you need a full blog on transcription, and I will surely oblige.

5. Medical Billing and Medical Coding

work From Home Job: Coding and Medical billing
work From Home Job: Coding and Medical billing

Medical coding and billing is another work from home job you can do.

In times that medical laws keep changing from time to time, there has also been an increase in the need for medical coding and billing jobs.

Therefore if you have certification from a recognized national certification organization, you can start looking and applying for these jobs.

It mainly involves entering patient medical data, doctor’s notes, and diagnoses. For you to do this job, you ought to have a high degree of accuracy since you will be dealing with people’s lives here, and any wrong entry can lead to adverse effects or even death due to the wrong info concerning a patient.

As for the billing part, all you do is input and submit payment and insurance data that relates to medical procedures and data.

By now, you know that you must have a computer, high-speed internet, accuracy, and high typing speed.

6. Work as a Virtual Assistant

There is that adage that men cannot multi-task shock on you because if you want to be a virtual assistant, then you must be a highly organized multitasker!

As for my sisters’ multitasking comes naturally, but the highly organized bit is for few, ha-ha…

So if you are a multitasker who is super held and is good at meeting deadlines, this gig is for you.

It involves administrative work, which may entail arranging for travel, phone calls, emails, schedules, records, and simple accounting tasks.

What you need is high communication skills and some experience working in the field. The experience bit should not stress you out; just be confident, and you will hack it.

7. Writing or Content Creation

When you talk to someone about online jobs, the first thing that comes to mind is writing. Yes, writing has been the most popular home-based job for a long time, followed by editing.

All the bloggers and prominent publications you see on the web need the services of writers and editors.

Therefore if you can write well, then create some samples on what you love writing about and start pitching companies you think can hire you to write for them.

Also, there are job boards such as Up Work, ProBlogger, and People per Hour where you can create accounts, and start applying for writing or editing jobs.

You can also publish your content on sites like Medium to first safeguard them from theft and also to build your confidence.

If you want me to do a full post on this, let me know in the comment section.

8. Work From Home as a Blogger

If writing and editing for other people do not appeal to you, then you can opt to start a blog.

One thing is for sure with a blog, you will not be making money instantly, but in the long run, you will have a steady income for the rest of your life.

Therefore if you have enough to carry you through this quarantine period, you can keep yourself busy with this.

You are asking what should I blog about? My friend, when it comes to blogging, you write about anything. As long as you have the passion for it or have vast knowledge on whatever topic you are good to go.

What you need to start is a self-hosted domain and WordPress. Start publishing your content and tell the world about it via social media, mostly.

After a while, your blog will be ripe for monetization, which you can do via affiliates or selling your products.

Your blog is also a comprehensive portfolio, and with it, you can land lucrative clients.

Take away is to be consistent with publishing your posts and don’t stop learning.

9. Work From Home as a Vlogger

Work From Home as a Vlogger
Work From Home as a Vlogger

Vlogging is the sister of Blogging only that in the vlogging video is involved. So if you are kinda lazy with writing and active in front of the camera, this is your gig.

Create videos educating people on various topics like cooking, knitting, or even where to shop at this challenging time.

All you do is create a YouTube channel and start uploading your videos. With time you will have gathered a big following, and that way, you can monetize your channel.

YouTube channels can be monetized through affiliates, ads, and selling of your products, just to name a few.

10. Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing can either make or break you. Now don’t be scared. As I said above, you can be very successful with affiliate marketing in your blog or vlog business.

But if you are good at marketing, then you can take the bull by its horns and do affiliate marketing as a business.

In this business, you simply identify the right product and brand to partner with and apply to be an affiliate marketer. If accepted, you will start selling their products at a commission.

The affiliate commissions are usually minimal, and so you will have to sell a lot of products for you to earn a meaningful amount of money.

An alternative would be dropshipping the products yourself.

Don’t be discouraged now; there are tech companies that pay well if you bring them, new customers.


Final Thoughts On 10 Best Work From Home Side Hustle Jobs You Can Do To Beat “Corona Boredom” Syndrome

At this point, I believe you have found a hustle that you can engage in during this difficult time. One thing we don’t know is how long we are going to be held indoors.

To be on the safe side, kindly find something to do, something that will bring food on the table and sustain you and your loved ones as we beat COVID-19 together.

You may be asking, but Khasoa I don’t have internet or a computer how do I make an extra coin during this tough time?

The fact that you are still reading this blog means you have a device that can link you to the internet. If that is the case, then look out for my next blog.


I will be looking at hustles you can do from home to earn you some quid if you are not tech-savvy or don’t own a computer.

That’s it for today, my friend. Don’t forget to share and leave a comment on what you’d like me to talk about in our future blogs. A word of encouragement is also welcome.

Wash your hands sanitize and quarantine.



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  1. Awesome Stuff! Great Read! Very Motivating. Kindly do an indepth on Article Writting and Blogging. Major thanks.

    1. I’m humbled Namora Ntabo. I’m happy that you are motivated by the blog. My prayer is that it inspires us to be more productive during these hard times.
      I will definitely do a post on article writing and blogging very soon. Keep it locked.

    1. Hey Maliana
      Sure we need to get creative especially now that we are working from home. Feel free to share more on how best we can do this together. I hope to read your success story soon!

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