Not Tech Savvy? 6 Home-Based Jobs to do on Lockdown

Do you know that there are home-based jobs you can do even if you don’t know a thing about computers, let alone owning one?

Let me show you how.

COVID-19 has genuinely changed the way we view life, especially work life. Three-quarters of the world’s population is caught in the lockdown as we speak.

And it won’t take long before we start hearing stories of how our brothers and sisters are sleeping hungry because they don’t have money to buy food.

You don’t have to be in that category. That’s why today, I’m going to share the best home-based jobs for you to do from the comfort of your couch without necessarily knowing to operate or own a computer.

Home-based job
Not tech savvy?

Home-Based Jobs without a computer

Before we look at the tasks you can do, let’s get some things clear. We live in a world ruled of technology, and so you may not know how to operate a computer buy you definitely own a phone a smartphone to be precise.

With a smartphone these days you can record a video, take photos and so on. Therefore some of the home-based jobs we shall look at here need just that, smartphone, and you are good to go.

Don’t forget to activate your money receiving channels depending on your country of origin. IIf you are Kenyan set up Mpesa, Airtel money, and so on.

Now, let’s start making this money doing what we love!

Here are six home-based jobs  to  earn you some cash:

1. Knitting

Home-based job

Yes, you can make money knitting stuff. You may be thinking that this is old fashioned, but It’s one of the best home-based jobs that have lasted for centuries.

And it’s possible to make tones of cash crocheting and knitting stuff like ponchos, soft shoe booties for use in the house or bedroom.  Also, you can make scarfs, wraps, covers to keep warm when watching a movie, and the most common one is Marvins(caps).

I grew up seeing my granny make stuff from knitting and crocheting; she even made me a dress. I can’t find the picture, but I promise to look for it.

All you need here is yarn and the crotchet needles or the knitting ones, and you will be ready to start. As for the designs, you don’t have to worry. Make use of youtube. Also, if you are new to this art, you can search for beginner’s videos, and you will learn a lot.

some of the websites I used to learn a few designs can be found here and here.

2. Sewing

Home-based job

Do you have a passion for putting materials together to produce garments? Then sewing is your job. A superb example of how you can make tones of money right now is by making face masks.

People are advised to wear facemasks to avert the spread of COVID-19, and most of the mask is very expensive. Therefore you can make face masks and sell them at a lower price.

For you to make a mask or any other garment you will need sewing needles, piece of materials, yarn and elastic or buttons.

If it’s a trade you are interested in, don’t worry, you can also use YouTube sewing videos to learn.

3. Catering

Home-based job

Are you a pro in the kitchen? If you can bake, prepare mouthwatering stew or any other meal, then its time to turn that passion into a business.

This is how you do it:

  • Decide what you want to teach your viewers
  • Assemble all that is needed
  • Get in the kitchen with your phone and start recording your cooking process
  • After you are done upload your video

For you to make money, you will need to have at least 1000 views. Therefore share your video everywhere you can, on social media, and slowly you will start seeing the fruits.

The secret here is consistency post regularly and keep sharing.

If you want to know how to record a video, upload and monetize it, then go here.

4. Social media marketing

Social Media

Social media marketing is another home-based job you can do from the comfort of your home.

According to;

At least 3.5 billion people use social media globally.

The most popular platform is Facebook

The numbers are divided among millennials who are at 90.4%, generation X makes 77.5%, and the baby boomers are at 48.2%

With the statistics above, you can see that there are people who are always on social media. Among them are companies that need to get to these masses but have no time, numbers, or they don’t know how to go about it.

That is where a social media manager comes in.

You manage their social media accounts for them from the comfort of your home on your phone?

Now don’t tell me you don’t know how to operate a Facebook account? My seven-year-old does, huh?

All you need is your smartphone, a Facebook, or Instagram account with followers, know how to write great content, and you are good to go.

Make living posting stuff you enjoy on your wall or on your employer’s wall to promote their products.

To learn about social media marketing, go here.

5. Hand Made Craft

Home-based job
Hand-made craft

Have you ever wondered how earrings are made? Let me tell you that this is an area you can make tones of money.

Women will always want to look beautiful and are still competing against each other even if they are strangers “natural competition.”

So why don’t you join the industry and make jewelry for our sisters? By the way, some men adorn jewelry too. So your market is insatiable.

Make YouTube your friend watch videos that teach how to make different types of ornaments for different people and occasions.

6. Consultation

Home-based job

Are you an expert in a given profession? You can start giving consultation services to companies or organizations from the comfort of your house using your phone.

How do you get clients?

You can review them up on the internet or directories. Identify the companies you want to work with and send applications for consultancy services.

Here are several tips on how to be a successful freelance consultant:

Take your job seriously from the start

Do not feel intimidated by your counterparts who have offices

Start with your employer if it’s possible after all, you will go back after the pandemic, right?

Be ready for late payments

Over-deliver in all your projects

Other Home-Based Jobs You Can Start When the Pandemic Is Over


The jobs above are some of the few that you can do right now while on lockdown. After the lockdown is over, some of you won’t be going back to fulltime employment for various reasons. You can look at these job suggestions to help make you some cash.

The reason they are not mentioned above is that they involve active interactions with people, and that is what we are avoiding right now until we are done with COVID-19.

Here is the list:

  • You can be Pet groomer
  • Start daycare for babies or grown-ups
  • Be a photographer
  • Join Airbnb make money renting extra space in your house
  • Be a repairer
  • Be a personal stylist

Factors to consider when searching for a Home-based Job

1. Research

Research and research some more. About the people or companies you intend to work with. You can check them out with the better business bureau and also do a web search.  See if there are any complaints about the company or reviews from previous employees and customers.

2. References

Ask for references from the company that you intend to work for. Check to see if other people are working for them from home. Don’t be afraid of asking for the number of their work from home employees and their contacts, if possible. You should be warry if they are unwilling to give you such information

3. Don’t spend your cash

Some companies will require you to buy materials for the project. This sometimes does not mean that they are not legit, but in most cases, be careful when dealing with such.

In such cases, ensure that you understand what you are buying and from where. Also, be clear on the return policy of your equipment it the project doesn’t go through.

This saves you from losing your cash in deals gone bad.

4. Does it Add Value?

Does the company you intend to work to have a positive impact on people it serves and you as an employee? The main reason people look for other jobs is so they can improve on their livelihoods.

So the company you choose to work for should have a positive impact on your life and others around you.

4. Are you Valued and appreciated?

Is the pay good? That should be among the first things you look at when starting out with a new job. Also, do they appreciate their employees? A good company will always recognize their employees via unexpected gifts or thank you cards and many more simple ways that make you glow with joy.

5. Does the job It fits your personality

We all have unique personalities meaning different people thrive in certain areas better than others. So when you are checking out a job, ask yourself if you will enjoy doing it or if you are comfortable working with people.

Find a job that fits your personality and brings the best out of you. Remember the old saying, “Find a job that you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Take Away on Best Home-Based Jobs to do on Lockdown

The home-based jobs above will need your input in terms of time and resources. Also, strive to stay relevant in whatever field you choose to specialize in. Never stop learning and adding on your skills, this way you won’t have to worry about going a day without work.

Research on your competition, learn from them, and beat them at their game! Yes, business is also a game of numbers. The best always wins.

I’ve fulfilled my promise to you who does not have computer knowledge or don’t own one. You have no reason to stay broke in these dark times. Let me know what you think about this article and what you’d like to see me write about in the future. I’m here for you always; your success is my business.

Cheer up, we are in this together!

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